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Apples release iPad mini
Apple has now unveiled their highly anticipated (and predicted) iPad mini. The latest device, revealed at the launch event in California on Tuesday, saw Apple produce their much lighter, thinner and more affordable tablet. Mounting pressure from competitors such as Google and Amazon are driving reasons for Apples change of heart. However, with the higher than expected £269 price tag, how will the iPad mini fetch up in the current market?

Google puts positive spin on decreased revenue
Although Google’s Q4 results were lower than predicted, CEO Larry Page chose to focus on the positives, pointing out Google’s ‘enormous opportunity’ for growth in the coming year. Page pointed out that the company has great prospects lined up, especially surrounding the mobile device market and the advertising opportunities these present.

Have IT departments got their heads in the clouds?
A study by Gartner has found that cloud based products and services are expected to be worth around $207 billion by the year 2016. Gartner nominated cloud computing as one of the top trends of 2013 and stated that we will see a growth rate of 100% between now and 3 years’ time. IT Principles need to observe this fast growing trend and make sure they have the right procedures to manage the ever growing environment.

Windows 8 anticipation sees PC sales fall
Prior to the highly anticipated Windows 8 launch on the 26th October, the PC market saw its sales revenue decrease. Microsoft saw one of the largest drops, with a 22% fall in quarterly profits, where others PC venders also saw profits slip. This drop in sales is suspected to be due to the consumer wait for the Windows 8 unveiling.

Amazon breaks even for hardware devices
Amazon bosses have confirmed that they don’t make any money on their hardware devices. Instead, the company have stated how they use these hardware devices to create a loyal basis of customers and make money from users purchasing apps such as games, books and movies. Amazon officials noted how they are more interested in “making money by people using their device, than by people simply buying them”.

This week’s update from Amicus ITS

Microsoft start taking pre orders for Surface tablet
This week Microsoft started taking pre orders for the brand new Windows Surface Tablet. The popularity for this device was proven when Microsoft had to push back the delivery date from just 10 days to 3 weeks. How will Microsoft’s latest device compare to the all mighty Apple iPad?

BYOA to take over BYOD?
We believe “bring your own device” generation is set to be overtaken by the concept of “bring your own app”. Bring your own apps (BYOA) is the trend toward employee’s using third-party applications and cloud services in the workplace. BYOA is part of the larger trend of IT consumerisation within the enterprise. As concerns over data security in a BYOA environment mount; this trend should be considered by CIO’s and Security Specialists.

Sony to be the first to deliver Windows 8 hardware
With the Windows 8 release date imminent, Sony has become the first manufacturing organisation to officially announce its Windows 8 hardware devices. Sony has launched two brand new individual devices to accompany the updated Microsoft software, both pushing the boundaries of the original PC.

Three million corporate data lost over mobile phones
A recent study has found that more corporate data then ever is getting ‘lost’ in the workplace, due to the BYOD generation. The study showed how 1 in 8 employees in the UK have claimed to have ‘misplaced’ important company information that they haven’t been able to retrieve. With mobile phones becoming the go to device for on-the-go employees, strict security procedures need to be encouraged to prevent this from happening.

Cisco and Citrix target Cloud Computing
Cisco and Citrix are strengthening their efforts in the desktop virtualisation field; paying particular attention to cloud networking and cloud computing in a BYOD environment. Their efforts are aimed towards integrating their business models into an infrastructure centered around mobile cloud technologies.

Microsoft Office 2013 sent to the manufacturers
Microsoft has now announced the development phase of the Office 2013 is complete and is on its way to the manufacturers. Microsoft’s Office 2013 is expected to roll out to enterprise customers at some point in November and Home users will see the new software at the beginning of the New Year.

Levono becomes world’s largest PC manufacturers
Levono has become the world’s largest PC manufacturer for the first time in history. Usually always second to HP, the Chinese manufacturing company managed to surpass their rivals by showing a growth increase of 9.8% in comparison to HP’s 16.4% slump.

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Cloud security services to increase over the coming years

Managed cloud based security is set to increase by an astonishing 83% between the years 2011 to 2016, a recent survey by Infonetics suggest. The growing number of devices, platforms and apps in the market place are the main reason for such a staggering increase; however the recent surge in cybercrime will also be partially responsible.

IBM increases partner relations with MSP’s

IBM has always been dedicated to forming long lasting relationships with their clients but in recent weeks has intensified their efforts with MSP providers. IBM will set up four “Centres of Excellence” and offer help in the form of marketing tools, technical skills and equipment to enable the chance to work with IBM technologies and financial opportunities to help fund future investments.

Mobile technology set to help NHS funding cuts

With the recent funding cuts made to the NHS, officials are set to face their biggest challenge yet; supporting an ageing population with diminishing budget resources. The question is how they can do this without affecting the quality of service and care provided to patients. So will Mobile patient management systems enable community clinicians and nursing teams to record and communicate patient care information and eliminate paper records and driving up efficiency and productivity?

Government banks £2m on cyber security

An International cyber-security centre is to be set up in the UK with the help of a £2 million a year government funding scheme. The centre will aim to offer help and guidance to other countries struggling with their cyber security. This announcement comes after a cyberspace conference in Budapest, where William Hauge, Foreign Secretary, claimed that cybercrime is on the increase and “it has never been easier to become a cybercriminal”.

Cisco appoints two new presidents

Last week Cisco appointed two of its executives to the title of president. With Cisco’s CEO, John Chambers, retirement ever looming, many believe that these new positions have been filled in preparation for his departure. Cisco stated that the changes in the organisation were in order to “position the company for future growth and enable it to more quickly capture market transitions”.

A managed service providers guide to this weeks news

iPhone 5 set to boost BYOD trend

iPhone 5 tops over 2 million pre orders in the first 24 hours, more than double its iPhone 4s predecessor.  With Apples upgraded features and increased popularity it’s no wonder the forecast predicts a growing number of devices will soon be flooding through company doors and connecting to organisations IT infrastructures. Is your company ready to support this generation of smart devices?

Windows 8 predicted to increase sales of tablets by over 10 million in coming quarter

With the release date of Windows 8 looming, predictions are already being made as to the impact Microsoft’s latest update is going to have on the world.  A survey by IDC states how tablet sales are likely to increase by 10 million this year.  Windows 8 will be partially responsible for this increase; however Apple and Android devices will remain the top players impacting this climb in sales.

Security breaches hit high profile companies – could yours be next?

With a number of high profile organisations becoming the subject of recent IT security breaches (Dropbox, Sony, E-Harmony), it’s clear that organisations need to step up their game to ensure their companies IT infrastructure is secure. According to recent findings from Florida Tech University, cyber-crime is on the increase, with around 14 crimes being committed every second at a cost of around $411 billion.

Microsoft wins battle over infringement laws against Google

Last week Microsoft saw themselves win their third legal battle against Google in the recent months.  A court in Germany heard how Google’s Motorola had been accused of infringing a Microsoft patent.

Office 365 offers greater opportunities for MSP’s

Microsoft has now released their ever anticipated preview of Office 2013 and Office 365.  Many of the changes that have been made are unsurprisingly in correlation with the imminent release of Windows 8.  One particular new feature that stands out is Microsoft’s deeper integration of Office 2013 with their cloud service SkyDrive.  With the BYOD generation growing bigger than ever it is no wonder that Microsoft have ensured a much more mobile and tablet friendly software, and with a much cleaner, less cluttered look the new Office is bound to be a hit.