This week’s update from Amicus ITS

Microsoft start taking pre orders for Surface tablet
This week Microsoft started taking pre orders for the brand new Windows Surface Tablet. The popularity for this device was proven when Microsoft had to push back the delivery date from just 10 days to 3 weeks. How will Microsoft’s latest device compare to the all mighty Apple iPad?

BYOA to take over BYOD?
We believe “bring your own device” generation is set to be overtaken by the concept of “bring your own app”. Bring your own apps (BYOA) is the trend toward employee’s using third-party applications and cloud services in the workplace. BYOA is part of the larger trend of IT consumerisation within the enterprise. As concerns over data security in a BYOA environment mount; this trend should be considered by CIO’s and Security Specialists.

Sony to be the first to deliver Windows 8 hardware
With the Windows 8 release date imminent, Sony has become the first manufacturing organisation to officially announce its Windows 8 hardware devices. Sony has launched two brand new individual devices to accompany the updated Microsoft software, both pushing the boundaries of the original PC.

Three million corporate data lost over mobile phones
A recent study has found that more corporate data then ever is getting ‘lost’ in the workplace, due to the BYOD generation. The study showed how 1 in 8 employees in the UK have claimed to have ‘misplaced’ important company information that they haven’t been able to retrieve. With mobile phones becoming the go to device for on-the-go employees, strict security procedures need to be encouraged to prevent this from happening.

Cisco and Citrix target Cloud Computing
Cisco and Citrix are strengthening their efforts in the desktop virtualisation field; paying particular attention to cloud networking and cloud computing in a BYOD environment. Their efforts are aimed towards integrating their business models into an infrastructure centered around mobile cloud technologies.

Microsoft Office 2013 sent to the manufacturers
Microsoft has now announced the development phase of the Office 2013 is complete and is on its way to the manufacturers. Microsoft’s Office 2013 is expected to roll out to enterprise customers at some point in November and Home users will see the new software at the beginning of the New Year.

Levono becomes world’s largest PC manufacturers
Levono has become the world’s largest PC manufacturer for the first time in history. Usually always second to HP, the Chinese manufacturing company managed to surpass their rivals by showing a growth increase of 9.8% in comparison to HP’s 16.4% slump.