Your weekly news update from Amicus ITS

Apples release iPad mini
Apple has now unveiled their highly anticipated (and predicted) iPad mini. The latest device, revealed at the launch event in California on Tuesday, saw Apple produce their much lighter, thinner and more affordable tablet. Mounting pressure from competitors such as Google and Amazon are driving reasons for Apples change of heart. However, with the higher than expected £269 price tag, how will the iPad mini fetch up in the current market?

Google puts positive spin on decreased revenue
Although Google’s Q4 results were lower than predicted, CEO Larry Page chose to focus on the positives, pointing out Google’s ‘enormous opportunity’ for growth in the coming year. Page pointed out that the company has great prospects lined up, especially surrounding the mobile device market and the advertising opportunities these present.

Have IT departments got their heads in the clouds?
A study by Gartner has found that cloud based products and services are expected to be worth around $207 billion by the year 2016. Gartner nominated cloud computing as one of the top trends of 2013 and stated that we will see a growth rate of 100% between now and 3 years’ time. IT Principles need to observe this fast growing trend and make sure they have the right procedures to manage the ever growing environment.

Windows 8 anticipation sees PC sales fall
Prior to the highly anticipated Windows 8 launch on the 26th October, the PC market saw its sales revenue decrease. Microsoft saw one of the largest drops, with a 22% fall in quarterly profits, where others PC venders also saw profits slip. This drop in sales is suspected to be due to the consumer wait for the Windows 8 unveiling.

Amazon breaks even for hardware devices
Amazon bosses have confirmed that they don’t make any money on their hardware devices. Instead, the company have stated how they use these hardware devices to create a loyal basis of customers and make money from users purchasing apps such as games, books and movies. Amazon officials noted how they are more interested in “making money by people using their device, than by people simply buying them”.