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Google and Microsoft to take on UK white spaces spectrum?
A Telegraph report has published findings of Microsoft and Google’s growing interest in UK white space spectrum. The incentive behind their “extreme interest” appears to be so they can enable a built in free Wi-Fi service on their mobile devices. A report published last year noted the possible benefits of using white space as; enhanced Wi-Fi, rural broadband and machine-to-machine communication. Ofcom has been consulting on white space spectrum since the beginning of the year, and expects to publish an update on progress before the year is out.

Samsung SIII beats Apple’s 4s
Samsung released some impressive sales figures earlier this week, revealing the Galaxy Note II has sold over 3 million devices in just under a month. But the big news came when Samsung announced its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy SIII, had outsold Apple’s iPhone 4s for the first time. Samsung’s latest smartphone surpassed 18 million models, compared to Apples 16.2 million. However, Apple’s new iPhone 5 is widely expected to reclaim the top sales spot.

Windows Live Messenger to close
Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed their plans to close down Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft revealed that the live messaging service will be switched off worldwide in March 2013, in the hope to encourage users to engage with Skype. Observing the growth Skype has seen over the years (43% year-on-year growth in the US) has been Microsoft’s main incentive to convert customers from Windows live messenger to the instant messaging tool on Skype.

Windows 8: Apps away
Microsoft has been encouraging potential developers to produce apps for their latest operating system, Windows 8. At Microsoft’s annual Build developer’s conference last week, attendees were enticed by the offering of a number of goodies. The promise of a Surface tablet, a Windows 8 phone and 100GB of free cloud storage via SkyDrive, were amongst the offerings. However, developers biggest incentive is money. Microsoft is offering 70% of an apps selling price. This rises to 80% when an app reaches $25,000, which is a 10% increase on competitors.

Government launch Cyber Security incentive
The Government have announced a brand new scheme to help fight cyber-crime in the UK. The scheme has been set up to allow organisations to respond quicker to any threat a cyber-attack may pose on the security of their corporate information. The government is aiming this scheme at the public sector and providers of the UK’s critical national infrastructure. Visit the Cabinets Offices for further information.