The latest in technology news by Amicus ITS

Growth in enterprise app stores

“Apps downloaded from public app stores for mobile devices disrupt IT security, application and procurement strategies,” said Ian Finley, research VP at Gartner. By 2017 Gartner expects 25% of enterprises to have developed their own app stores and to be negotiating with software vendors for products that can be added to the ecosystem. We believe this shows the move from apps downloaded from traditional commercial App Stores to business stores hosting secure, trusted Apps for corporate use.


Live Messenger closing down, Skype & Lync on talking terms

Microsoft has announced it will be enabling its two communication products; Lync and Skype to talk together to enable audio call and Instant Messaging interoperability as well as shared presence.  In addition Microsoft is shutting down Windows Live Messenger and encouraging users to login to Skype, we see these aggressive actions as a way of ‘market share growth’ for Microsoft over the coming year.


Datacentre risk v cost.

With increasingly tightening budgets, businesses are taking risks when choosing a datacentre strategy. Reports show cost is becoming the single top priority over resilience, capacity and backup strategy. However, as recent high profile failures show, if data is lost or hard to recover, the original cost savings don’t look quite as good. This is a warning to choose your datacentre (or datacentres) wisely.


Google on the high-street?

Recent rumours indicate Google may join Apple and Microsoft with their own physical retail stores. Google would be able to use these stores to sell their Nexus phones and tablets directly to customers in addition to their Chrome Book. Google could also let the public get “hands-on” with in development products like their wearable computer; Google Glass. We think products like these “smart glasses” are a tricky sell without being able to try before you buy.