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Pirated software costs $144bn
Figures from an IDC survey show the costs of buying illegal software are $144bn worldwide. Businesses face opening the door to viruses, malware and desktop problems as a result of installing pirated software. The IDC’s main findings included that a third of PC software globally is counterfeit, and of those using counterfeit, a third faced malware problems. They also found that consumers wasted 1.5bn hours dealing with the malware from pirated software. Obviously piracy is still a huge concern today and can have substantial long term costs.

Google’s spring clean
Google is shutting down its Google Reader and seven other products and services, taking the total number of features or services shut since its spring cleaning began in 2011 to 70. The company said it needed to focus to take advantage of new opportunities, rather than spread itself “too thin and lack impact.” However this statement seems odd as Google is currently developing wearable computer-glasses, self-driving cars, laptops, phones and more. Google Reader needed no further development, so it seems more likely it had to go because of the failure to make money from the service.

Nokia and Apple v Samsung
In an odd turn of events, Nokia will be supporting its competition Apple to secure injunctions on several of Samsung’s products. The Finnish manufacturer will remain the only alien company to support Apple in its appeal. Nokia had instituted legal proceedings against Apple three years ago, but now the companies have joined hands to fight against the current market leaders. Going by this information, recent sales figures and social posts by Nokia it is easy to see that Nokia see Samsung as their biggest competitor rather than Apple.

Samsung Launches 8-core Galaxy S4 and Knox security
Today Samsung announced it’s much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4, weighing in at 130g it includes a 8-core processor, five inch, 441ppi high-definition Amoled screen and a new 13-megapixel camera. Samsung also launched their new security platform: ‘Knox’ which will be the first to be compatible with the S4 and future devices. It also allows IT departments to separate work from personal use as Knox can have a different environment in work mode, which Samsung claims is separate from the personal use environment. Whilst Knox does show some impressive security functions, it is also yet another propriety system an IT department would have to familiarise themselves with. We suggest deployment of an MDM environment that is more platform agnostic.