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Samsung Galaxy S4 comes to UK with 4-core not 8-core processor
A follow-up from last week’s launch details on the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. Samsung has announced the UK variant will not in fact come with its latest 8-core processor which was boasted at during the launch last week, but a weaker 4-core unit similar to what is found in its predecessor. Will this decrease interest in Samsung’s latest flagship phone? Which has already achieved a 40% higher demand than the Galaxy S III.

Microsoft launches Windows Embedded 8
Following the release preview just 2 weeks ago, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Windows Embedded 8. Windows Embedded powers POS terminals used widely across retail, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Microsoft state that their latest embedded platform shortens development cycles, has more immersive and natural user experiences while bringing the latest security technologies. However will the current mainstream attitude towards Windows 8 hesitate organisations adopting this next embedded OS?

Half of all companies lose devices with important data
A recent study has uncovered some unsettling results, including the statistic of 50% of employees reporting that someone at their company has lost a mobile device with important data. The real question of course is was this data secured? With the correct MDM solution you can mandate complexity of lock screens for employees, locate and even wipe devices to ensure your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

BlackBerry 10 doesn’t pass security standards for government workers
The new Blackberry 10 platform hasn’t passed the high security standards of the Communications Elections Security Group unlike its previous Blackberry OS BB 7.1. BlackBerry has stated it is now working closely with CESG to get BB10 approved for government workers here in the UK. We can speculate due to the history of the BlackBerry platform’s security and use in government environments, that BlackBerry are currently hard at work to get their latest phones green lit for government use.