This week’s technology news from Amicus ITS – Friday 31st May 2013

UK is simply the best
The UK has again been ranked the safest destination in Europe for businesses to locate their data centres according to the 2013 Data Centre Risk Index report. Scoring strongly on resilience and for ease of doing business, Britain continues to lead the way, strengthened by our status as a major economic global hub. Europe and especially the UK are also embracing BYOD strategies faster than the US, according to Citrix’s EMEA head. So whether your business interests are domestic or global, it is imperative to choose the right MSP with world regulatory understanding and creativity, so a UK based provider could lend you that leading edge.

Cloud best for SMEs
Microsoft backed research claims that investing in Cloud technologies provides greater business confidence. One third of SMEs polled said their prospects were more positive following migration. In the UK, 19% of companies surveyed using Cloud reported they were due to invest in staff, new technology or launch new products to gain growth. Illustrating a divide between those who have moved dynamically to the Cloud and those yet to change, the polarity could hold the old guard SMEs back and prevent them from maintaining commercial edge if they do not proceed to adopt a Cloud strategy.

ICO Compulsory Audits for NHS Organisations
Last week the Information Commissioner’s Office submitted a request to extend its powers to carry out compulsory assessments of NHS bodies and their compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Being proactive rather than reactive as in the past, this should ensure fewer data breaches and the ensuing bad press. Considering the NHS stores and transmits huge amounts of personal data, this should be protected and handled in compliance with the DPA. The ICO could be turning up at your doorstep. Are you going to be compliant when they do?

Tim Cook interview at the D11
Apple CEO Tim Cook took the hot seat at D11. With a tradition of keeping their cards close to their chest Apple did offer some interesting insights. On apps and services, Apple said they do not have issues bringing these from iOS to android, if it made sense to do so. On Google Glass, he acknowledged it might not have broad-range appeal, but spoke positively about a wrist device. This potentially hints at the rumoured iWatch. With WWDC 2013 just two weeks away we should not have long to wait for Apple to announce its new product line.

Three screens and a cloud
Microsoft has announced its next generation of gaming console with the Xbox ONE. At the announcement event the focus was not on games but multimedia. TV, sports, Skype and a multitasking Windows 8-like ‘snap view’ to run two apps side by side were included. Xbox ONE will complete their ‘three screens and a cloud’ philosophy that started with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. We believe the consistent interface between these three platforms will ultimately pay off in device sales, but more importantly, give customers the confidence needed to invest in the Microsoft services ecosystem.