This week’s technology news from Amicus ITS – Friday 21st June 2013


There’s no appathy in healthcare
There are estimated to be 40,000 healthcare apps for smartphones and tablets. The market for healthcare apps is estimated to be worth $400m by 2016. Few doubt delivery of clinical care management and diagnostics will increasingly engage with this technology (some 62% of US doctors had some form of tablet in 2012). Apart from obvious cost reduction opportunities, apps offer UK healthcare providers and the mobile care workforce improved patient visit time and reduce lengthy paperwork duties. The benefits of remote monitoring of drug delivery, tracking patient welfare, calibration of devices etc. are all positives. Enabling the mobile workforce is critical, it just needs to be aligned to proper security and governance policies measures.

Dawn readiness for cyber attack
Quantum Dawn 2, a planned simulated cyber attack, is to be held later this month in the States amongst selected Wall Street firms and government agencies. The initiative is a bid to identify flaws which could otherwise cripple the nation’s economy. Attempts by hacktivists last year caused US banks to put aside their normal rivalries for the common good of sharing defence mechanisms and outcomes. Gartner believes that all firms should undertake regular drills on Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) to confirm continuity of phone and email communications to fully flex their DR and protection plans. This is something that more firms would be well advised to undertake.

Samsung ATIV Q: Windows 8 and Android all in one
Today at the Samsung Premiere several new mobile devices were unveiled. One of the most interesting is the Samsung ATIV Q. At first glance it looks like any high-end tablet but its party trick may turn a few heads. Running both Windows 8 and Android, users get the benefit of all their legacy Windows applications, as well as Microsoft’s own modern tablet Apps in addition to the full catalogue of Android Apps. No reboots required, you can pin Android Apps to the Windows 8 start screen and vice versa. Making for a versatile tablet. Whether Samsung has a true market winner on their hands has yet to be seen, but the full breadth of App compatibility this solution offers, should bring the ATIV Q in to your consideration list for your next business tablet.

Big companies reveal US government data requests
Further to recent news stories around ‘Prism’ (US Government surveillance programme on users data), IT big names including Microsoft, Apple and Facebook have revealed how many requests for users data they receive. Microsoft confirmed over 30,000 requests in the second half of 2012, Apple had 5,000 requests and Facebook 19,000. When these requests come in companies have a legal obligation to pass over information stored on their servers. The exception is services like Apple’s iMessage which use end-to-end encryption. Even Apple themselves are unable to unencrypt this data and so it cannot be handed over. Although these figures are alarming at first, Apple stated the majority of cases are from police and the data used assisted searches for missing children, locating patients with Alzheimer’s and preventing suicides.