This week’s technology news from Amicus ITS – Friday 5th July 2013


Mobile video on the up for business
Gartner reports that video use at work will be the next big adoption for businesses, governments and MSPs to get to grips with. It is anticipated that by 2015 60% of information workers will interact with content applications via a mobile device. This will force MSPs to respond with strategies supporting video on employee or company owned devices . Heterogeneity as well as mobility will be required, whilst the demand on bandwidth will likely require workers to use it at select times to cope with variable bandwidth.

Technology changing policing
A new report confirms that the police are actively adopting a range of new technologies to turn data into real time intelligence. These include: electronic notebooks on scene, sensor networks for tracking, crowd behaviour software, GPS to track offenders (and even dementia patients) and miniature drones with sensors to help capture criminals. Added to this is the use of social network sites (Greater Manchester Police tweet each incident for transparency to show crime volume and type of work). Cost savings are a main driver for these changes. Ultimately, choosing the right technology to give flexibility to a business and managing it securely will provide the best business solution in this technological age.

The future of touchscreens
Microsoft is developing a new type of touchscreen in-house that allows the user to feel the texture of objects being displayed on screen. The same technology can also apply resistance to moving around virtual objects on screen. Virtual objects can be heavier, and thus like in real life will take more effort to swipe around. California-based Tactus has developed a touch screen that uses fluid channels which can morph the shape of the screen on the fly. This has been demoed to show how it can provide tactile feedback when using an on-screen keyboard by pushing the keys out of the screen. Both of these technologies tackle the current issues of a touchscreen-only device with uses in medical and corporate sectors.

Nokia buys Siemens’ half of the Nokia Siemens Networks for $2.2 Billion
Nokia Corporation and Siemens have announced that Nokia will acquire Siemens’ 50% stake in their joint venture, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). The cost of total ownership is $2.2 Billion. NSN has established itself as a clear leader of LTE (4G) technology which provides an attractive growth opportunity as LTE continues to roll-out worldwide. Although Nokia is taking a large financial hit, the purchase is actually a very smart move as it simplifies their finances after making NSN a profitable venture last year which helped get Nokia back into the black, thanks to early LTE deals.