This week’s technology news from Amicus ITS – Friday 20th September 2013

Redundancy alarm bells ringing for the NHS
The NHS is starting to wake up to the fact that 85% of its desktops are running on an obsolete Microsoft operating system. With Windows XP expiry looming like the grim reaper in April 2014, EHI Intelligence’s research calculates there are 677,000 computers in the NHS which will be unsupported after this date. 14% (or just 110,000) are running the Windows 7 OS and just 1% using Windows 8. There are ways to avoid an expensive PC upgrade. Amicus ITS is holding a seminar on 7 November specifically for healthcare and the public sector markets with IGEL, regarding their UDC converter and Amicus ITS’s management solutions. Book a place now via marketing on: 02380 429475.

App wrapping hits the right note for enterprise
Two main technologies to protect mobile business application data have been vying for the attention of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). According to ABI Research, app wrapping solutions are anticipated to have a 27% surge in adoption through to 2018, due to their simplicity. With the evolution of the enterprise mobility market, Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors are identifying the benefits as a value-added solution for customers. As long as MSPs are able to meet the needs of enterprise’s increasing demands associated with their growth and MDM requirements and security needs, they should keep their customers satisfied.

HP laptop incoming with Leap Motion built in
HP today announced a new device line-up including a Laptop with Leap Motion built in. Leap Motion was original funded via Kick Starter and afterwards sold as a standalone device you can plug up to your PC via USB. Leap Motion lets you use touch less hand gestures to control your PC. With HP now official supporting Leap and building it right into their Laptop it gives users a new way to interactive with their PC, this makes even more sense when paired with the very touch friendly interface of Windows 8. Using hand gestures arguable makes allot more sense that touching a screen attached to your laptop depending of course on how well it is integrated.

Meet Jolla a new phone from ex-Nokia employees
Jolla is a company founded by ex-Nokia employees with the goal of making new, innovative phones. Their first model which is planned to release at the end of the year runs on a new OS called Sailfish. The phone is simply called Jolla and in addition to running native apps is compatible with the Android App store. The real challenge Jolla faces is fierce competition from the very mature platforms out there; Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Unfortunately it’s not just a great phone needed to tackle today’s market but the entire ecosystem.