This Week’s technology news – 8th November 2013

Motorola see a future in Modular smartphones
Motorola has announced that it’s developing a free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. The idea is that you can build a phone like you can a PC. Priorities battery life? Then fit in an extra battery module, Camera enthusiast? Then pick out the best camera module available and snap it in. A company could even build their own company standard phones. The possibilities, especially with an open platform are potentially endless. Naturally as Motorola is owned by Google, it is of no surprise this project, titled Ara is exclusive to the Android platform however it is likely a necessity to turn this seemingly farfetched idea into reality.

Lenovo fights against fall PC decline in the UK
Gartner reports that PC sales in the UK continue to fall. Between July and September 2013 PC sales fell by more than a quarter. The reason for the decline should surprise no one. “The transition from PCs to tablets continued to reduce PC sales” said Meike Escerich of Gartner. In fact of the top 5 PC OEM’s including Apple’s unit shipments were down with one big exception; Lenovo, who managed to increase shipments by 26.4%. Gartner’s reasoning on Lenovo’s rise is their ability in successfully delivering mobile PCs to businesses whilst continuing to grow their consumer market.

EE set to launch the world’s fastest 4G network in London
UK mobile network EE which launched last year combining T-mobile and Orange is getting ready to launch what it claims as the world’s faster 4G network, starting in London. The LTE-Advanced network will be capable of speeds up to a scorching 300 Mbps. This takes advantage of spectrum EE acquired in the Ofcom auction earlier this year. EE announced the network is aimed at business users who wish to access cloud–based business systems such as SAP and other ERP solutions. In addition to business users the new super speed network will likely also attract mobile enthusiasts which will help EE secure itself as the go to name for 4G who so far have 1.2 million 4G users.

The Blackberry saga continues
In a move that will surely turn heads, BlackBerry has now decided against selling off the company and instead axing chief exec Thorsten Heins in the hopes of a billion dollar bond deal. Fairfax will arrange this billion dollar bond deal, investing $250m, Canso investment Counsel putting in $300m, Mackenzie Financil $200m, Market Corporation $100m, Qatar Holding, another $100m and Brookfield Asset Management $50m. There is also an option for Fairfax to arrange another $250m. This billion dollar deal is expected to be completed within two weeks. Blackberry has not revealed what their plans are next, but it seems we are unable to count them out yet.