The Internet of Things – what’s in store for IT employees in 2014?

What of IoT automating our lives? Firstly, the IoT creates layers of digital connectivity on top of existing infrastructure and objects (ie. the intelligent fridge) so machine can talk to machine – and why Google has just paid $3.2 bn for thermostat startup Nest. Secondly, there is Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID) (tiny traceable chips which can be scanned wirelessly, produced in their billions and capable of being connected to the internet). Together, the impact of IoT is however far wider reaching and starting to impact beyond mere consumer modifications.  Recent US research confirms a pattern that innovation and profitability is continuing to drive IT leaders. This search for cost savings will lead to demands for a more adaptable and flexible workforce as outsourcing increases.  With MSPs able to automate their services and offer increasingly more sophisticated monitoring to customers, the trend for downsizing in the industry looks set to continue.  Not a popular prediction, but neither something either that enterprise CIOs can afford to ignore.