Facebook utilises Blu-rays in new low-powered storage solution

Hi-definition movies often come to mind when thinking about Blu-rays, not so much data centre storage solutions. Facebook however has announced exactly that, prototyping a system capable of storing 10,000 disks, making up 1 petabyte of data per cabinet. They also have plans to increase this to 5 petabytes. Cost savings appear to be the driving factor, with 50% savings in costs and 80% in energy usage compared to hard-disk based cold storage. The other factor is lifespan, traditional disks usually last about 5 years but this Blu-ray solution is quoted at 50 years. There is a clear advantage here and the opportunity for a new revenue stream for the Blu-ray Disc Association (BRDA). If BRDA was to collaborate with a hardware manufacturer such as HP or Dell, this would be advantageous to both delivering to the corporate market.

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