This Week’s technology news – 7th March 2014

Windows Enterprise now available without Software Assurance
Microsoft has made a simple change to Windows Enterprise licensing that could see even more organisations taking the plunge. Previously the only way to obtain Enterprise was to purchase and attach Software Assurance (SA), typically lasting 2-3 years to a Windows Pro device. Now, for the first time – Windows Enterprise Upgrade license is available for direct purchase from Microsoft, without the need of additional Software Assurance. This does not affect how OEM sell you Windows on a machine, so you won’t be seeing Enterprise pre-installed on machines anytime soon. The support advantages of SA are still there is you do decide to go down that route. At the end of the day we now have some more flexibility in terms of pricing and support for Windows Enterprise, good news all round.

Microsoft will soon be selling a competitors OS for the first time
Last week saw Nokia announce 3 smartphones, all running Google’s Android platform, a first for Nokia. As Nokia’s phone business will soon be owned by Microsoft, who will see themselves selling a competitors OS for the first time. Microsoft of course was aware of this peculiar operation before the announcement. The Nokia-Google phones are all designed to fit into the modern Windows look and comes built in with Microsoft services such as OneDrive, Outlook and Skype. The strategy here is to lure android consumers over with the Nokia brand and app compatibility and then get them hooked on the modern Microsoft ecosystem, making their next purchase a Lumia or other Windows Phone. A risky strategy to be sure as users could also upgrade to another Android phone but a bold move nonetheless.

Where Will Wearable Technolgy Go?
Following a trend to take mobility that one step further, Samsung has released “Gear Fit”, a slim, lightweight wristband with curved OLED colour screen at last week’s Mobile World Congress. Targeting the fitness market initially to track activity, it compliments their multi-tasking smartwatch “Gear 2” which works with Galaxy’s smartphone to make and receive calls. The logical next step is technology embedded in clothing which when placed near to the heart becomes a monitor. Issues to consider apart from being mugged, are the threat of hacking with someone having access to your personal health data. Implementation of personalised Firewall software will be required and then telehealth can look to set some fashion trends too – and still possibly be ahead of Apple and bite a chunk out of their marketplace to make compatible for iPhones.

samsung smartwatch

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