This week’s technology news – 11th April 2014

Heartbleed attack
This week the news of the Heartbleed bug has been causing a panic amongst internet users and website owners. The bug, discovered by Google Security and Codenomicon just this week has been in place since 2011. Sites running OpenSSL are affected, with hackers being able to eavesdrop on secure connections without leaving a footprint. The bigger services that was affected were; facebook, Instagram, google, Dropbox and yahoo! These have now been patched, however we recommend a password reset for users of these accounts. Site’s not using OpenSSL were not affected including Microsoft and Apple. The culprit of the accidental bug has since been identified as one of the contributors to the open-source project, however the bug was not discovered during review and before being cleared for final release. The immediate issue would seem the mass reliance on open source code for our web safety, but the real issue, whether you use open source or an in house development team comes down to code being reviewed thoroughly before being added to the live code pool.

Unfortunate timing Dropbox unveils corporate plans during Heartbleed
One of the biggest Cloud file sharing services is Dropbox however it’s not a name often recommend for corporate use. Dropbox is attempting to change this perception by giving everyone ‘two dropboxes’ one for personal use the other for business, which is managed by your company. Organisations incorporating this will be able to wipe or move all data in this container without access to the user’s personal documents. The irony of this announcement is although Dropbox is going out of their way to show how businesses can trust them with their data it comes in the same week Dropbox admitted it was vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack, potentially putting users passwords and documents at risk.

Microsoft Office for iPad is a hit with over 12 million downloads so far
It was a long time coming – but many think it was worth the wait. Microsoft has announced its official Office Apps for iPad have been downloaded over 12 million times. The apps are well positioned for both home and business use, keeping the fonts and formatting your used too, but portable, on the device most people own. Although 12 million free downloads is impressive, the more interesting number would be to how many Office 365 subscriptions Microsoft has sold to new iPad users during this time. Microsoft has yet to release this information but the subscription is required to go beyond read-only and to actually edit documents. Many questioned if keeping Office initially exclusive to Microsoft tablets was a strategic move and it may have well been. If so it seem Microsoft has had a change of heart or simply seeing a bigger opportunity in getting subscribers into Office 365.

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