This week’s technology news – 2nd May 2014

Out of the Box
With the arrival of Microsoft Office on iPad, Microsoft has joined Apple and Google to become the latest giant to not include access to their competitors cloud storage on their mobile office apps. Instead users are forced to use their own cloud environments to store documents. If mobile users are restricted to OneDrive and SharePoint, Google Drive and iCloud respectively, why bother with cloud storage companies like Dropbox, Box or SugarSync on the desktop? Whilst it may be their way of pushing their ecosystems, versus purposefully edging out the competition, the commercial results could be the same.

Smartphone evolution – we saw it coming!
Human Media Lab in Canada’s Queen’s University has created a fully functional multi-screen foldable smartphone prototype, Paperfold. It has three snap-together display screens which have a clever use of linkable maps and can be used to create 3-D prints.

This shows greater potential than other previous versions seen such as Kyrocera. Notably in 2010, Microsoft developed and then killed its book-like tablet, Courier, whilst Sony released a costly digital paper tablet earlier this year. With an increasingly mobile workforce, the potential for Paperfold is greater as a transformable, flexible device. With the evolution of digital displays and e-ink technology, this is definitely something to watch out for in future.


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