This week’s technology news – 9th January 2015

MP calls out to end ‘redundant’ email disclaimers
UK Member of Parliament, Alan Duncan has put forward a Ten Minute Rule Bill to the House of Commons for the removal of legal disclaimers on emails.

The MP made an impassioned bid to relieve UK government departments, councils and companies from the frustrating and often lengthy email disclaimers that litter the footers on our email traffic.  The impact of this is immediately felt when email conversations get printed out, but it is also a frustrating distraction for users trawling through email chains on a computer screen.  Alan Duncan comments that the waiver is essentially unenforceable as presented, over lengthy and often incomprehensible.

Email disclaimers often range in length from 100-200 words.  Reviewing Parliamentary disclaimers, the MP noted the Conservative party disclaimer stands at 183 words, Labour’s at less than 50 words and Parliament’s own disclaimer at 60 words. The Honorable Member for Rutland and Melton was very proud to have got his ministerial department’s disclaimer down to 17 words.

The bill will get a second reading on Friday 6th March.  Despite this well considered initiative to think ‘green’ in 2015, the bill may nonetheless fail to get on the Statute book for lack of time.  Nonetheless, it should be on the consciousness of all organisations to take this opportunity to voluntarily review what is absolutely necessary, rather than just adopting common practice – and make a difference.

Amicus ITS seeks to support this bill and will be reviewing its own open text disclaimers to seek possible improvements in 2015.


Sir Alan Duncan MP
Sir Alan Duncan MP

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