Microsoft announces Nano Server

Microsoft has announced a new ‘small and lean’ version of its Windows Server Operation System that powers many organisations infrastructures, called Nano Server. The new Nano Server is based on the company’s current Sever Core and has been made to run “born-in-the-cloud applications and containers”.

As the name suggests Nano Server is a lot smaller compared to Windows Server and will take up 93% less space on a virtual hard drive in comparison. It also boasts faster reboots, cutting the time by 80%.

To achieve this the full graphic user interface is removed as well as support for older 32bit applications. In fact there is no option to remote in or log on at all and Nano Servers must be fully managed remotely by Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)or PowerShell command line. With this in mind Microsoft are improving remote management in PowerShell with Desired State Configuration as well as remote file transfer, remote script authoring and remote de-bugging.

Nano Servers could prove a popular, quick and light platform for modern web applications and Cloud services as long as 32bit software isn’t required and the applications which are needed can be fully managed without logging on locally.

Nano Server is expected to launch alongside the next generation version of Windows Server in 2016 with a preview version appearing later in 2015.


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