Data centres cool down and radiators go green in the Netherlands!

We all know the adage that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.   But could there really be a company out there offering free heating for us?

The answer is a surprisingly, sustainable yes!   Netherlands-based energy supplier Nerdalize, has joined forces with Dutch energy supplier Eneco, to create a clever solution called Eneco eRadiator, to fix the costly cooling problem faced by data centres worldwide.

Instead of high overhead costs and the size and volume of air conditioning units to cool servers in data centres, this solution spreads the installation of servers across different homes with no worry about the excess heat or overhead of a data centre!   Nerdalize covers the cost of electricity, the heat is generated by the computations and the home or building is heated for free.

It may not yet be a permanent heating solution, but this could be just a matter of time.  It is this sort of lateral thinking that makes technology solutions exciting and the guilt and expense of server farm bi-products acceptable.   Here, the amount of electricity used was monitored and the home owners reimbursed for the running costs.

Naturally, data security and backup issues spring to mind, not to mention maintenance questions with multiple geo-locations, but if the data is decentralised meta data and stays resident in that country it could start to have wider takeup  – but would not be a comfortable model for enterprise level data, no matter how green you are trying to be.


Author: Lindsay Burden

Marketing manager, copywriter and editorial manager of Amicus ITS blog output.

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