Skype for Web launches in UK and U.S


Microsoft’s popular communication tool Skype is already widely available with Apps for PC’s, tablets and smart phones, but what if your on a device which you either can’t install its app or want a quicker solution? Skype has now provided the answer with a browser based service which has now launched in both the UK and U.S called Skype for Web.

Using Skype for Web you can text chat, voice call and even video call others. Signing in will show you your existing contacts availability as well as your messaging history, giving a seamless experience between App and Web.

The new services seems to be aimed at breaking down any barriers for potential users getting into Skype as well as giving existing users more options to where they can sign in; such as a friends or works PCs as well as public computers such as internet cafes.

Skype for Web is aimed at consumers apposed to their Skype for business offering, however the two are not as divided as they initially seems. Organisations using Skype for Business can talk to ‘non business’ Skype users. This allows organisation to arrange calls with clients and third-parties which may not have the Skype app already installed.

This new web push for Skype could see increased momentum for businesses using Skype as a communication tool to people outside their organisation instead of looking at alternative web solutions. The service is currently in Beta and is available for users in the UK and US if you would like to try yourself head over to


Author: Lewis Pugh

Emerging Technology Specialist at Amicus ITS.

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