The Integration of Everything for enterprise


With much of the discussion these days around homes or cars being the target for technology connectivity and integration through the future Internet of Things (IoT), Citrix are looking at an alternative definition, the ‘IoE’ – or Integration of Everything (IoE), as they seek to resolve problems for organisations and open up opportunities for businesses.

With most enterprises having complex combinations of legacy systems, SaaS services, innumerable devices, multiple sites and an ever changing set of requirements from the Board to expand revenues or cut costs, the ability to integrate and connect all these systems, services, people and things into automated workflows can make a lot of sense.

For IT managers, leveraging IoE represents an opportunity to improve a multitude of operations including:

  • Notifications of critical system status before business interruptions
  • Network security monitoring looking for anomalies
  • Automated diagnostics for error logging and support resolution
  • Datacentre operations for server operation and facilities
  • Big data analytics to understand and optimise operations

On the user side, IoE can make workspaces more productive and secure:

  • Application request, approval and deployment workflows
  • Conference room automation to eliminate wasted time at meetings
  • Workplace automation for enabling flexible open workstations
  • Enable multiple devices to share content and multi factor authentication
  • Beacon enabled app access and proximity security

Marketing Automation is an increasing business requirement for IT that IoE can help with:

  • CRM integration with legacy systems
  • Realtime twitter sentiment notifications analysis and workflows
  • Big data sales collection and analytics for revenue optimization
  • Automated support incident logging and response

There is clearly a lot for enterprise to take advantage of if they choose to review options around the IoE, but anything on such a scale of technical architecture and investment would require careful planning, not only in terms of execution, but embracing security alongside standardised communication interfaces to give it the best chance of success and any commercial outcomes.



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