Google’s going to have a daddy called Alphabet


This week Google announced plans for the US tech giant to be divided up and run by a new parent company called Alphabet, with Google CEO becoming the CEO for Alphabet.

Google is known primarily for its search engine and other web services such as Mail, Maps and YouTube but the money Google has made from these ventures and most importantly its internet ads, have given it the opportunity to spin up a surprising amount of side-projects big and small.

This split of the main company into division companies with dedicated leadership of each, enables Google to remain focused, not just on its core business such as web services and android platform development, but keep a spotlight on self-driving cars, robotics and its far reaching project, Calico – which seeks to deny death.

The new Alphabet companies consist of the following:

Google – core business such as search, Android, YouTube, Maps, ect
Google X – research and moonshot projects including Google Glass, Internet delivering balloons, robotics, ect
Fiber – high speed internet delivery
Nest – last years smart home devices acquisition
Sidewalk Labs – improving modern cities
Calico – Life sciences company project to increase human longevity
Google Capital – investment arm focusing on late-state growth companies
Google Venture – venture capital arm

In addition to the splitting up, Alphabet’s logo has a more subdued tone. The main Google logo has not changed however and remains as colourful as ever.

It is likely we will see more announcements soon and possibly Alphabet will be adding even more companies, both acquisitions and new developments into its fold in the future. The ambition of Google is looking bigger than ever.  But with Alphabet, they can down play their monstrous size and focus on delivering new individual projects once more.

As co-founder Larry Page said in his announcement:  “We’ve long believed that over time companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, just making incremental changes. But in the technology industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth areas, you need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant”.  The tech giant is certainly keeping to that promise and ensuring that whilst its brand stays prominent, it is able to explore this statement of intent with clearly defined new business areas for the behemoth.

Author: Lewis Pugh

Emerging Technology Specialist at Amicus ITS.

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