Citrix CEO Shares 5 Digital Workplace Imperatives

At a recent US Citrix Industry Analysts Day, CEO Mark Templeton offered his vision of the future direction of Citrix and the evolution to the next mobile workspace solution – “Workspace as a Service” (any app, any device, any infrastructure).     In order to realise this vision, Templeton outlined five workspace imperatives that companies must respond to if they are to be successful going forwards:

1.       Design for what’s next – do you know? Your organisation will need a new approach and imagination to put this in place. Organisations need to be able to respond to the next device, app, location, employee, contractor, and re-organisations.
2.       Game over: consumerisation has won. Whether you call it BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), apps or identity, it’s a mindset change that is happening and needed.   IT is thinking about getting out of the ‘factory business’ and moving to design, experience and delivery.
3.       Secure what matters: apps, data and use. Device security gives a false sense of security. It could be a virtual desktop, VM container etc. Companies must understand usage and identity.
4.       Power of “any” in one infrastructure. A company wants to design once and re-use infrastructure. Today, companies buy technologies incrementally to address their needs in what Templeton calls an “If- Then infrastructure”.   With this approach, companies won’t get technology re-use. Companies must build the next infrastructure to be device agnostic where it can broker any set of apps and data while running it on your choice of infrastructure.
5.       Deliver for human and business outcom. Companies are moving from simply running infrastructure to providing technical innovations and outcomes. His view is that companies needs to derive an entire experience for the user, as well as an improved business outcome.

The Citrix CEO also identified the key priorities to help MSPs capitalise on this market transition with a strategy focusing on:

1. Enabling customer migration and transition to a new platform spanning premise, hybrid and cloud solutions.
2.       Companies need easier, faster and simpler ways to build application service delivery infrastructure.
3.       Increasing focus on industry sectors where secure app and delivery solutions deliver premium value.
4.       High-value integration across product lines for differentiation, automation and customer value.
5.       Innovations that drives adoption, differentiation and consumption out of core software infrastructure and increasing effectiveness and efficiencies of product development.

The takeaway from Citrix is that a mobility vendor can only be successful by providing an integrated portfolio of services that spans from mobility through the cloud in a cloud first and mobile first world.

Author: Lindsay Burden

Marketing manager, copywriter and editorial manager of Amicus ITS blog output.

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