Review of 2015 and 2016 Predictions

From Amicus ITS’s new cyber security specialist, associate Mark Heather.

This year saw all sizes of business see an increase in attacks, but the nature of attack has changed.  Traditionally network and DoS attacks as well as malicious software (malvertising) were the main causes of a breach and continue to be disruptive to business.

However, at the same time there was an increase in networks being penetrated as breaches are becoming more targeted – and small businesses should not presume that they will escape and should ensure that they understand their information assets and networks to enable them to manage risk accordingly.

Next year will see targeted attacks increase.  It is not a case of if, but when will we be breached and what do we do about it?

More will be made of “Cyber Intelligence,” (information about you and your organisation).  Companies will need to understand what is being said about them, what information can be gathered about the organisation and to turn this into meaningful contextualised intelligence.

This will be a major requirement of compliance regulations over the coming years. The lack of people able to interpret this information will lead to Cyber Intelligence platforms becoming automated and drive the need for Security-as-a-Service. This service will also be driven by the internet of things as more devices become internet connected.

Whilst the tenor of this might sound doomsday in tone and that currently there are too few skilled people truly trained in cyber security, organisations can ensure that they are well protected, by aligning themselves with data security experts who understand the Managed Service environment and can be your trusted advisor and partner.  Talk now to have a positive preventative discussion, rather than a remediation discussion after the event.

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