Car cyber-jacking – a new cyber evolution in driving cars

The FBI has issued a public service announcement about the dangers of cyber security threats in our vehicles.

The Internet of Things has brought with it huge potential in the new technologies, but with it also comes significant risks through connectivity.  This can take the form of either the remote control of a vehicle (extraordinary but true!), as well as stealing data from the cars’ systems – through Bluetooth, Wifi or a USB port.

Whilst there is a lot of work being done by the automotive industry to provide ever increased safety of data passaging through their vehicles, there is also a lot that a driver today needs to be increasingly aware of to minimise risk and stay ahead of danger, particularly:

1.    Ensure software is up to date
2.    Use caution when modifying vehicle software
3.    Maintaining awareness when third party devices are hooked to your vehicle
4.    Being diligent about knowing who has physical access at any time to your vehicle.

Considering this – how attractive is the perceived convenience of commercial aircraft WiFi?   Last year one of the risks identified by a major airline carrier offering wifi was the unintended exposure of the aircraft’s flight control systems.  Not a great result.





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