Amicus ITS announces launch of new Cirrus Project

DSC_0083 JP Norman

No. 1 IT Managed Service Provider, Amicus ITS, based in Totton, has just been given approval by its board members to proceed with a major investment to virtualise its own physical IT infrastructure. Today’s business data must be better protected than ever to counter the ever present threat of commercial downtime, security breaches whilst enjoying the full benefit of increased agility and collaboration, wherever the workforce is based and whatever the size of the organisation.

Head of Technology and Governance, JP Norman today announced: “The AITS Cirrus Project marks a great step forward for our organisation technologically. It is a rightful progression for us to take on now, having provided this for our clients for a number of years. The timing of this upgrade is excellent as we are in the process of publishing a new, world class three tier Cloud solution to businesses across the UK and abroad”.

Director of Sales, Les Keen confirms: “Amicus ITS’s Cloud framework offers a speed of flexibility, deployment, scalability and versatility that is almost unique in the UK. The key question we had to answer for ourselves in this exercise, is the same that we ask every client, every time: “Where do you need your data to be held and what degree of security do you need?”. With those answers in place the migration is technically relatively straightforward. The benefit we offer to our clients is that wrapped into all this positive assurance is a pro-active 24×365 service desk – which hopefully stops problems before they arise.

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This week’s technology news – 11th July 2014

Microsoft increases Cloud business continuity with latest acquisition

Cloud-based business continuity specialists InMage have now been snapped up by Microsoft, with the aim to bolster their own Azure cloud platform. Business continuity is universally agreed to be incredibly important, the ability to recover quickly from a system failure could make the difference between continuing to run a successful business and not. Despite the agreed importance budget and time can often stop this from being implemented correctly.

Microsoft hopes that InMage’s tech will make Azure the perfect place for disaster recovery, giving you the benefits of cloud and reassurance of business continuity across their full portfolio of supported environments including Windows, Linux, physical, digital, hyper-v, VMware and others.

The InMage acquisition is looking like a smart buy for Microsoft and a great feature add for Azure users. Cloud or not, business continuity is often overlooked despite its importance and is an area every organisation should revaluate. Even a once great plan may not make sense today in our rapidly evolving industry.

Unlock your smartphone with an NFC tattoo

Want to keep the contents of your smart device secure but hate tapping in a pin every time you need to check something? There’s actually a few alternatives including built-in fingerprint readers and more recently wearable’s. The latest is tapping your phone against your new tattoo. Thankfully this particular tattoo is not a permanent commitment, the digital-tattoo is about the size of a penny, mostly transparent and can stick to your skin for about 5 days a time, surviving showers, exercise and sleep.

This unlocking method is an alternative and not an addition step of authentication but can add additional convenience, and the tattoos are purchased in packs of 10 cheaply. Digital-tattoos are not perfect however, if in the unlikely situation it was removed either by yourself or knocked by putting on extra clothing and then picked up by someone who knew exactly what it was for, they would have an auto unlock key to your phone, regardless of what pin you had set.

Both alternative to 4-digit pins and additional authentication for smart devices will become more important going forwards with incredibly sensitive information just 4 button presses away. If you can’t guarantee no one will be able to break your code make sure you can remotely erase or remove access to important data.