Amicus ITS announces launch of new Cirrus Project

DSC_0083 JP Norman

No. 1 IT Managed Service Provider, Amicus ITS, based in Totton, has just been given approval by its board members to proceed with a major investment to virtualise its own physical IT infrastructure. Today’s business data must be better protected than ever to counter the ever present threat of commercial downtime, security breaches whilst enjoying the full benefit of increased agility and collaboration, wherever the workforce is based and whatever the size of the organisation.

Head of Technology and Governance, JP Norman today announced: “The AITS Cirrus Project marks a great step forward for our organisation technologically. It is a rightful progression for us to take on now, having provided this for our clients for a number of years. The timing of this upgrade is excellent as we are in the process of publishing a new, world class three tier Cloud solution to businesses across the UK and abroad”.

Director of Sales, Les Keen confirms: “Amicus ITS’s Cloud framework offers a speed of flexibility, deployment, scalability and versatility that is almost unique in the UK. The key question we had to answer for ourselves in this exercise, is the same that we ask every client, every time: “Where do you need your data to be held and what degree of security do you need?”. With those answers in place the migration is technically relatively straightforward. The benefit we offer to our clients is that wrapped into all this positive assurance is a pro-active 24×365 service desk – which hopefully stops problems before they arise.

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Amicus ITS – Our views on this week’s new

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Research firm, Statisa have announced Apple’s profits amount to more than Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, eBay and Yahoo combined.  Their $47.1 billion profits are primarily thanks to the popularity of their well-designed, fashionable, mobile devices and the growing impact on the work environment.  Whilst we love the iPad and the iPhone, can Apple maintain this lead by using their design and phenomenal budgets to drive consumers to the next big thing?

The end of XP

This week saw the start of the 500 day countdown for the end of XP support, giving Windows 8 a fighting chance in gaining significant sales figures.  Although Windows 8 has so far seen a slow start, we think Microsoft’s big gamble will pay off.  As mobility grows, organisations will look to the best solution to meet their OS needs and we think Windows 8 will come up trumps.

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Security breaches enhance corporation’s awareness

In recent months, hacking has increased.  Many big names are currently in the firing line; Google, Yahoo and Microsoft becoming the latest.  As industry leaders succumb to security breaches, the rest of the world becomes increasingly concerned as to how secure their IT infrastructure really is.  Organisations need to step up their game and will look to managed service providers for help.