Amicus ITS shortlisted for major UK IT awards

Amicus ITS shortlisted for major UK IT awards

Two members of staff have been shortlisted in the prestigious UK IT industry awards.

JP Norman, Head of Technology & Governance has been shortlisted in the ‘Security Professional of the Year’ category, with Service Desk Analyst Mercedes Coombes, a Service Desk Level 2 Analyst, selected for ‘IT Service & Support Professional of the Year’.

The two Amicus ITS candidates will be facing tough competition and are up against entrants from Virgin Media, LV Insurance, National Grid, Lloyds Banking Group and KPMG.

The UK IT Awards, part of The Chartered Institute for IT, recognise excellence and outstanding performance throughout the UK computer industry. The awards focus on the contribution and achievements of individuals, projects, organisations and technologies that have excelled in their use and the successful development and deployment of IT in the past 12 months.

Amicus ITS Managing Director, Steve Jackson said: “We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for what is one of the most important awards for our industry. It is an incredible achievement and deserved recognition for these individuals who bring innovation and insight into their roles to help our company provide an outstanding service to our clients.

“We are up against stiff competition from some of the biggest household names in the UK. Nonetheless, earlier this year we were crowned No.1 IT Managed Services Provider in the UK and Europe and placed 13th in the world earlier this year, against over 2,000 IT companies worldwide, so I firmly believe we have every potential to go the full distance and wish both JP and Mercedes every success as finalists.”

Winners will be announced at a glitzy awards ceremony taking place in London on the 12th November 2014.

Amicus ITS announces launch of new Cirrus Project

DSC_0083 JP Norman

No. 1 IT Managed Service Provider, Amicus ITS, based in Totton, has just been given approval by its board members to proceed with a major investment to virtualise its own physical IT infrastructure. Today’s business data must be better protected than ever to counter the ever present threat of commercial downtime, security breaches whilst enjoying the full benefit of increased agility and collaboration, wherever the workforce is based and whatever the size of the organisation.

Head of Technology and Governance, JP Norman today announced: “The AITS Cirrus Project marks a great step forward for our organisation technologically. It is a rightful progression for us to take on now, having provided this for our clients for a number of years. The timing of this upgrade is excellent as we are in the process of publishing a new, world class three tier Cloud solution to businesses across the UK and abroad”.

Director of Sales, Les Keen confirms: “Amicus ITS’s Cloud framework offers a speed of flexibility, deployment, scalability and versatility that is almost unique in the UK. The key question we had to answer for ourselves in this exercise, is the same that we ask every client, every time: “Where do you need your data to be held and what degree of security do you need?”. With those answers in place the migration is technically relatively straightforward. The benefit we offer to our clients is that wrapped into all this positive assurance is a pro-active 24×365 service desk – which hopefully stops problems before they arise.

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New Year, New Technologies

With so much information in the public domain it’s difficult to get a snap shot of the areas which are important and how it affects you, so here’s my breakdown for the week.

Gartner Says Worldwide IT Spending Forecast to Reach $3.7 Trillion in 2013

Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.7 trillion in 2013, a 4.2 percent increase from 2012 spending of $3.6 trillion, according to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc. The 2013 outlook for IT spending growth in U.S. dollars has been revised upward from 3.8 percent in the 3Q12 forecast.  Time to increase marketing expenditure!

NHS needs to embrace future technologies

This week Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, stated that the NHS needs to embrace future technologies in order to improve patient care and reduce costs.  This comes as no surprise as many other industries are beginning to see the substantial rewards associated with using advancing technologies.  By doing this we believe embracing future technologies enables the NHS to reduce costs, free up hospital bed space,  practioners time, whilst offering a vast range of new healthcare solutions.

CES 2013

At this year’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Lenovo demonstrated its sought after preview of the new Idea Centre Horizon Table PC, a 27-inch all in one desktop with around the house portability.  This new product has been especially designed for multiple use, where up to four people can use the device at any given time.  It is to be seen if this design can be used in a wide range of environments, which one maybe the hospitality industry.

2013: make or break for Blackberry

RIM has been busy creating its new touchscreen OS for Blackberry’s upcoming phone and tablet.  BlackBerry 10, which is expected to be released worldwide this quarter, has the support of all major UK and US carriers.  This is a good start for the upcoming platform, however, we believe this is truly the make or break year for RIM whose market share has been falling steadily over the past few years.

Cloud Computing in 2013

The Government have announced their plans to pledge £5 million in R&D to address the perceived issues hindering the adoption of cloud computing.   We envisage, with the help of this Government funding scheme, this year organisations will begin to let go of their security qualms and the adoption curve for cloud computing will take off.

A managed service providers guide to this weeks news

iPhone 5 set to boost BYOD trend

iPhone 5 tops over 2 million pre orders in the first 24 hours, more than double its iPhone 4s predecessor.  With Apples upgraded features and increased popularity it’s no wonder the forecast predicts a growing number of devices will soon be flooding through company doors and connecting to organisations IT infrastructures. Is your company ready to support this generation of smart devices?

Windows 8 predicted to increase sales of tablets by over 10 million in coming quarter

With the release date of Windows 8 looming, predictions are already being made as to the impact Microsoft’s latest update is going to have on the world.  A survey by IDC states how tablet sales are likely to increase by 10 million this year.  Windows 8 will be partially responsible for this increase; however Apple and Android devices will remain the top players impacting this climb in sales.

Security breaches hit high profile companies – could yours be next?

With a number of high profile organisations becoming the subject of recent IT security breaches (Dropbox, Sony, E-Harmony), it’s clear that organisations need to step up their game to ensure their companies IT infrastructure is secure. According to recent findings from Florida Tech University, cyber-crime is on the increase, with around 14 crimes being committed every second at a cost of around $411 billion.

Microsoft wins battle over infringement laws against Google

Last week Microsoft saw themselves win their third legal battle against Google in the recent months.  A court in Germany heard how Google’s Motorola had been accused of infringing a Microsoft patent.

Office 365 offers greater opportunities for MSP’s

Microsoft has now released their ever anticipated preview of Office 2013 and Office 365.  Many of the changes that have been made are unsurprisingly in correlation with the imminent release of Windows 8.  One particular new feature that stands out is Microsoft’s deeper integration of Office 2013 with their cloud service SkyDrive.  With the BYOD generation growing bigger than ever it is no wonder that Microsoft have ensured a much more mobile and tablet friendly software, and with a much cleaner, less cluttered look the new Office is bound to be a hit.