Windows 8.1 dethrones XP just before Windows 10 launch


Windows XP, released back in October 2001 has finally been dethroned from its ‘2nd most popular computer OS’ title by Windows 8.1 now holding 13.12% market share. The most used OS will come as no surprise being Windows 7 which currently holds a commanding 60.89%

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in April of 2014 so it holding the ‘2nd most popular computer OS’ title for over a year after this date is both impressive and worrying. Whilst it is worth pointing out paid extended support on specific XP versions is still available to organisations willing to spend the cash required, these exceptions are unlikely to do much to market share numbers.

Running an unsupported OS is strongly unadvised against and using it will make you and your data much more susceptible to security threats and exploits which won’t be patched up with updates having been finished.

This news also comes in very close to the July 29th launch of Windows 10 and with the 2 most popular OS’s; Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 being eligible to free upgrades for consumers all signs point to Windows 8.1 dropping back down to 3rd soon after its launch being replaced by Windows 10.

Microsoft has also detailed this week that not all users will be eligible to download Windows 10 on launch day. First in line will be member of the Windows Insider program who will be able to upgrade from their work-in-progress version to the final version on the 29th. Next up will be users who have digitally reserved their free copy and these will be notified in waves. After this Microsoft will open up Windows 10 as a free download to all Windows 7 and 8.1 users however has not stated how long after launch this will be.