Mobile download speeds go orbital

In the UK many have yet to make the switch over to 4G mobile. EE is currently the UK 4G leader providing up to 60Mbps connections, making a much appreciated leap from the country’s mainly 3G supply. South Korea carriers SK Telecom and LG U+ are way ahead with 4G technology from marrying three bands to achieve the higher speed. They hope to have downloads of up to 300Mbps to compatible phones and tablets before the end of 2014. Assumingly not satisfied with these blazing speeds, the South Korean government has also announced a new initiative to introduce 5G within the next six years which will see data speeds increase another 1,000 times that of current 4G. Jealousy may not get you anywhere, but curiosity might, as SK Telecom plan to showcase an astonishing 450Mbps at Mobile World Congress.