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Amicus ITS makes Global MSP Rankings

The annually published MSPmentor 501 is a global ranking of the World’s Top 501 Managed Services Providers, and celebrates quality of Service, Growth and Expertise within the Global MSP arena.  Amicus ITS are delighted to have been placed 29th Globally and 4th in Europe.  This is a great accolade of what we think has been a fantastic effort from all of our teams for our role as trusted advisor and service provider to our clients in both the healthcare and corporate markets.

‘It is an honour to be recognised this year as one of the Global Top Managed Service Providers. To be ranked 29th in the world and 4th across Europe is a fantastic achievement by the team’ said Steve Jackson, Managing Director Amicus ITS who himself was ranked as one of the Top 250 entrepreneurs in his industry at the end of last year.

Dell goes private with help from Microsoft

Michael Dell, the original founder and current CEO of Dell is taking the company private. This is possible through a combination of cash and equity direct from Dell, investors affiliated with Silver Lake, MSD Capital and a $2 billion loan from Microsoft. Microsoft may be looking into making Dell the ‘signature’ platform for Windows 8 PCs and tablets and if so how will this affect Microsoft’s own new hardware team and other OEM partners?

Have you been Scroogled?

“Scroogled” is a Microsoft made anti-Google marketing campaign, It shows users how Google uses your personal information from searches, emails and documents, to help push paid adverts over perhaps more relevant unpaying results. Microsoft’s marketing team has been pushing these “Scroogled” ads recently on their new website. This is an aggressive move against Google, but aims to promote their Bing service.

Surface Pro succeeds where other have not

After just hours of the Surface Pro going on sale last Saturday the 128GB version was sold out. Customers were upset at not being able to pick up the new device on launch day. Microsoft will need to be careful on treading on the toes of their OEM partners who have not yet made a huge splash selling Windows 8 tablets.

This week’s news from the MD of Amicus ITS

Let’s end the confusion on Windows 8  

Since the launch of Windows 8, consumers have been primarily focused on the impact Microsoft’s latest OS will have on mobility. Although this plays an important role, the other key components of Windows 8 must also be explored.  Next week Amicus ITS are holding a Windows 8 event at Microsoft’s HQ in Reading, to demonstrate all of its offerings.  The event will feature what Windows 8 can offer to the corporate world through demonstrations, as well as explaining how to effectively manage a mobile work environment. 

Top Malware trends of 2013

With the recent increase in global security breaches, MSP mentor have revealed the top malware trends of 2013.  Trends for 2013 include; increased attacks on Google Chrome, malware that has the capability to invade virtual machines, and the introduction of native 64-bit Windows malware.  We believe organisations need to take a good look at what procedures are currently implemented and what they need to change.  

Mobility brings big changes to the market

The release of Microsoft’s latest device, the Surface Pro, is just around the corner.  As more and more users are taking advantage of mobility and connectivity on-the-go, we think the market is set to change.  Consumers now want to accomplish more with their tablet, performing the same tasks (including Word and Excel) that they could in the office. However, this doesn’t just refer to devices; applications play a large part too.  As users turn to alternative online communications tools, such as free messaging and email, SMS messaging has seen its first decline since mobile phones began.

 SME’s need to embrace the Cloud  

Gartner have recently suggested that Cloud Computing is set to be one of the biggest trends of 2013, and with a vast amount of SME’s yet to embrace the cloud, there is still great opportunity for growth.  The Cloud offers numerous benefits for SME’s, including cost effectiveness, operational efficiencies and scalability.  We believe that with clear education and a protected security procedure put in place, Cloud Computing can change not only large corporations but SME’s as well.