UK SMBs fail to tool up on security

US security software specialists Trend Micro have published their latest survey results on 500 UK business owners.  This survey was an interesting mix of factual gathering as well as attitudes.  Trend Micro found that 50% of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are not using any internet security tools to protect themselves from hacking and other threats.

In addition:
• Only 44% confirmed they knew how to check if a computer or mobile device was infected by malware
• Around 66% had no knowledge of the final penalties of an online security breach.
• Only 24% of respondents said they believed online threats are too complex to deal with.

With only 18% believing their data was worth stealing this may explain their lethargy in taking a more enterprise approach to security risk management.

The difficulty is, that cyber criminals have for the last few years, increasingly targeted SMBs precisely for their more relaxed view around data security.

Now a precision tooling company in Bristol for example, may not perceive it is in any way a likely target for cyber crime.  However, let’s drill into the risk a little further….   This company’s Accounts department will necessarily hold valuable data assets. These will include:  financial details (including bank accounts and sort codes of customers and suppliers), credit check information on customers, plus private contact details for other organisations that are not in the public domain.  So, they alone may provide fruit off the tree to the cyber criminal, but added to this, they will provide an increasingly valuable inroad into other, larger organisations with whom they do business.  So it’s not just them putting themselves at risk, but indeed the whole supply chain and customer relationships including trust which become jeopardized.

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