Amicus ITS weekly technology news – Easter Edition

Windows Store V Mac App Store
This week the Windows Store hit over 50,000 published downloadable Apps on Windows 8 and RT. Although this number is smaller compared to the app stores for smart phones, it is definitely worth noting that the Mac App Store launched in January 2011 currently has only around 16,000 Apps. Microsoft is effectively beating Apple at its own game!. What comes of the future from Microsoft and Apples ecosystem?

Continued growth in mobile browser usage
Web browsing on phones and tablets has tripled in the last two years, and doubled over the last 12 months. Apple’s Safari leads all mobile traffic with over 50%, people are using iOS much more for web searching than other mobile platforms. Although other browsers including Chrome and Safari are available on the iOS app store they are in reality just Safari re-skinned. The importance of information being quick and easy to find on a mobile browser is more important than ever! Is your website user friendly enough on a mobile, or are you potentially ignoring this new growing sector of ’mobile on the go’ users?

USB’s and IT Professionals
At the recent RSA conference, more than three-quarters of IT professionals admitted to breaching their own protocols and plugging in USB flash drives that they found abandoned or lying around! There are a number of ways to prevent this as an organisation, as a starting point, we would suggest educating your staff against this. Why not supply your staff with encrypted USB sticks which can be regularly checked for malware, or you could use software which restricts USB devices. However you choose to address this issue, you should be aware and actively trying to reduce or restrict it.

Cyber Attacks
You might have heard about the recent major cyber attacks, firstly the attack that South Korea has accused China of starting (potentially falsely) and then a row between a spam-fighting group and a hosting firm. Cyber attacks on national infrastructure remains a top concern. In the US, President Barack Obama has recently signed a cyber security executive order requiring federal agencies to share cyber threat information with private companies. Security experts are voicing concerns about the choice of targets for the recent cyber attacks which suggest that an attack that could put a nation into jeopardy could happen. The Cyberbunker attack is said to be on an unprecedented scale and has been continuing for well over a week with five national cyber police forces currently investigating. Whilst this highlights some potential gaps in the security, organisations need to remain vigilant in their search of indicators of compromise on their networks.

Have a happy Easter !